How to find my soul mate – the Wicca way

Learn how you can attract true love thanks to Wicca magic!

Most of you might be wondering after reading the title and what it means the Wicca way, right? I have been studying various emotions of different sets of people in their 20s – 30s and are bachelors and spinsters. The common thing I find in most of them is searching for their partner in terms of true love or a soulmate. A lot of people from this age group are wondering how they can find their best mate or the person who is made for them.


Parallel I had a chance to spend some time with Wicca witches (as they are known). Well, they are not real witches for sure, rather humble gentle beings, just practicing the right method of magic and spells for the betterment of those who approach them for the help of any manner.


They use portions and dust and create spells which, when enchanted, cause effects, no those spells are not meant for harming anyone, so there is nothing to get afraid of – go on continue your reading. It is not a HORROR show for sure. Since you know that Wicca witches are good people, you can approach them, and they would surely help you find your soulmate. Even after knowing that they are good people, but you fear meeting them, you can cast some spells yourself.


Before you cast these Wicca spells yourself to find your soul mate, make sure you follow the exact guidelines and choose the right time as mentioned. The first thing you need to do is collect some mud found inside the river bed, it should be exactly 12 Oz, and you need to make sure that the mud is all clean from dirt and there is no water in it. Then you need to store this mud in a bowl made of oak tree wood for five and half days, and before the sixth day starts, you need to make a doll carved out of this mud you have kept.


Choose a night – either a full moon night or a new moon night, place a candle near the window, and then place this carved doll, making sure that the doll gets half the light from the moon and or half the light from the candle. Hold the doll or touch the doll and think about your soul mate with your eyes open and enchant the words "oh fairy of light and angel of wisdom, come to me and show me the face of my soul mate," you need to summon this words exactly 21 times and do make sure that no one comes to know of what you are doing.


What next, wait for exactly three days, and the first person you meet as soon as you step out of your home would be your soul mate.


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