How to get real and positive effects in life with the use of White Magic Spells

White Magic Spells are very powerful but they must respect the Law of Harmony

White Magic spells are not only the opposite of Black Magic spells in terms of mere color. White magic, as the name suggests, makes use of the powers of caring, loving, and positive gods and spirits of nature rather than using negative and occult energies to get results. White magic is mostly used to help us positively in our day-to-day lives and solve the various problems we face. From this point of view, White and Black Magic can be similar because they both allow a person to solve a problem. But the way to achieve that goal is radically different. While Black Magic has no taboos and often uses occult forces to reach a solution, White Magic spellcasters respect a strict code of ethics.


One of the most common rules that White Magic spells must show compliance with is the law of harmony. Things happen because they're meant to happen. Cosmic and divine energies drive the motion of our life, and we can't change this harmony. White Magic witches believe that if you break this law to get something in your favor, you might have to face negative energies. It will be sent at you to restore the harmony you previously broke by taking advantage of something that wasn't meant to happen.


The law of harmony is significant in White Magic, and it means that a White Magic spell influences persons thanks to great powers but can't make them abandon their free will. In other words, if you want to get your ex back to you, for example, and if they don't love you anymore, a White Magic witch will not cast a spell for you because it will not respect the free will of your ex-boyfriend, or ex-girlfriend.








That said, White Magic can truly do miracles and help anybody achieve one important goal. The effects of a White Magic spell will create the right conditions and drive the positive energies you need to fulfill one of your dreams. One domain where White Magic spells are great is when it comes to casting money spells. There's nothing like White Magic to bring luck!


White Magic not only helps us in achieving any project, but it's also commonly used to solve a problem. To effectively solve the problems we face daily, various kinds of rituals and chants are used to call for the powers of compassionate spirits and natural energies. Various issues related to love, health, money, bad luck, etc., can find a solution thanks to White Magic spells.


If you're interested in casting your magic spells, White Magic has a big advantage for beginners: the language used in the rituals can be your mother tongue. If you know the correct words and rituals, the course of your life could change faster than expected. Knowing meditation is a big plus when you start to learn White Magic because it will help you to find the vibrations of the helpful energies and align with them.


The importance of symbols and time in White Magic Spells

Pentagrams have a capital importance in White Magic Spells
Symbolism is an important aspect of White Magic. Various signs and symbols might be used in the rituals performed, out of which the pentagram is considered one of the most popular signs. With the aid of spirits along with these symbols, the result you're looking for can be achieved by a White Magic spell.


As far as spellcasting is concerned, time is as important as white magic symbols. Generally, the position and the period of the Moon are considered major factors in many spells formulas. For example, the waning and the waxing of the Moon are essential. A full moon or a new moon night is chosen, based on the type of spell cast and depending on the desired solution. From that point of view, White Magic is very similar to what is being called Moon Magic.




Common objects used during White Magic spell castings

Candles are an important part of these magic spells too. The colors of the candles used in such spells are often an important part of the spell formula and are essential to obtaining the spells' effective results. Various colors of candles can be used in these spells by the spellcaster depending on the desired effects (love, money, protection, etc.). The level reached by the importance of candles is such that White Magic is sometimes wrongfully called Candle Magic.


An example can be given with a famous love spell where the spell caster is using various types of candles. This spell involves white and yellow colored candles red and pink. In this case, the two candles symbolize the power of love. In another White Magic spell formula that is also targetting results in the love area, pink candles and three pentagrams make the spell very powerful and thus can help you in love-related issues.


A few words about White Magic spell casters

Spell casters can be used if you are not sure about which formula you need to use, or don't feel secure in casting the spell by yourself. Let me tell you a few things if this is your situation. First, make sure your situation respects the Law of Harmony because if it's not the case, White Magic can do nothing for you. Secondly, make sure that the spell will be cast when the Moon can have a positive role to play. Last but definitely not least, faith in the spell caster you're using plays a huge part in the success of the spells too.


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