Magic spells with moon and its associated results

Moon magic spells and its importance in real life

Based on the cycles of the Moon, the moon magic and spells use the power of the Moon in order to solve our regular life issues. According to the people and the witches who perform magic related Moon, it is considered to be one of the most important heavenly bodies of the universe. Since these witches and people who practice Moon magic have complete on moon gods and goddesses, therefore their magic is based on the position and the size of the moon. According to these people the Moon is a lady god and the moon cycles represent the menstrual cycles in women. They even believe that the various stages of the moon depicts a feminine aspect of life cycle involving various stages like Maiden stage, mother stage, Crone stage etc… Thus these people pay real importance to the position and the size of the moon during various rituals and the spells.


Just like the Sun, the Moon too travels around the various astrological signs in the universe, at various times, in various stages. The people who practice moon related magic and spells need to keep in mind and pay close attention to the astrological signs and the size of the moon which is passing through a particular sign at that time. Since moon is considered to be the nearest planetary body to the earth, the people who practice magic related to the moon are considered to be one of the most powerful people on the face of the earth.


Chosing the correct Moon phase to cast a magic spell

Different moon sizes refer to different spells and magic for the society, in order to relieve common man from their regular issues. Like in the spells related to good health, job search, love and romance is generally done in the new moon day. A person who practices such spells need to wait till new moon night arrives. Similarly in the waxing stage of the moon spells related to love, health, courage, success, luck and friendship is done. The spells are carried out by the witches on the waxing night of the moon. Generally magic spells related to forecast, insight into the future and security is done on the night of the full moon. Full moon is considered to be one of the most effective times for protecting an individual.


First the witch or the person who practices moon spells and magic related to it, will decide on the size and position of the moon. Next the necessary object required for the magic or the spell to be a success is gathered and the spell or the magic is casted. During waning moon for example, the witches try to cast spells for the good health, to secure someone from other evil spells, success etc…


Moon Spells and the influence of astrological signs

The magic spells related to moon is also based on the elements of the universe namely air, water, fire, and earth. Based on the various astrological signs these magic spells are casted. The witch will try to find out which element is active by seeing the position of the moon in these various astrological houses. Then they perform their rituals and spells in order to solve our problems. For example Aquarius, Gemini and Libra indicate air, Le, Sagittarius, and Aries suggest fire, while Cancer, Pisces and Scorpio indicates water. Using this information the spells are casted.


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