Get to know on how can you attract your soul mate

Find here the best tips to know how you can attract your soulmate and find true love!

Well guys, lately, I see many people coming up with questions like how I look good, attract my lover, or attract my soul mate. After hearing so many bizarre questions, I thought of writing down the solution to this.


First thing you should know before you attract anyone is that opposite genders attract just like magnets, so if you are a guy, you are bound to attract a woman towards you and vice versa. We need first to understand whether the person who is getting attracted or whom we want to attract towards us is our soul mate or not. To be true, I have already written long articles on understanding your true soul mate and identifying your true love. Once you understand who your soul mate or true love is, follow my tips in my other articles on the same topic, then you need to make sure that you are attracting the right person towards you.


Express yourself in front of the person who is your soul mate, be what you are to make sure that your partner loves you for what you are, and your true soul mate would surely like the way you approach things or give out solutions or finish up a task and would get attracted to the way you do it.


You can even attract your soul mate physically by using lusty perfumes or showing him signals and expressions when the person is looking at you. Gaze at or showing him signals and expressions when the person is looking at you. Gaze at your soul mate for hours and make sure your eyelids do not shut themselves down. What I mean is when you look at your soulmate, make sure your look is confident.


Some other ways are by using love spells, but when doing so, you need to be over-cautious that you do it the right way, hence below I am mentioning one such spell and the method on how you can cast it. Take a rose flower. It should be deep red. Dip it in angelic ether for few hours. I would suggest 3 – 4 hours is enough, then take it out and let it dry in a quiet room with no lights for 2 – days. When done, make sure you choose a full moon night to do the next step.


Lit a candle in the same dark room where the rose had been dried. Use red ink to write your soulmate's name on each petal of the flower, and before you write the name, you need to enchant the below spell and enchant it every time you write the name on each petal.


"Lord of Venus and lord of mars, I please you thee with my flower

Name of my lord carved on the petals

Bring him / her to me as soon as shower.”


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