Do you want to know how to find true love?

Get to know the right questions when you want to know if you found true love

Well, guys, today what I am going to talk about is true love. What, do not get shocked like that we have true love existence for sure. But before I do that, let us talk about what exactly is true love so that all you guys who were shocked when you had started reading my passage would eventually understand what I am talking about in my whole article.


When we talk about love – it means three main things, or let me state it as love consist of three major parts, passion, intimacy, and commitment. Based on these three major parts, we can classify love in different forms – liking, companionate love, empty love, fatuous love, infatuation, romantic love, and consummate love or true love.


So what we can understand is a love that has all the three essential parts: passion, intimacy, and commitment is true love. Ok, now you know true love, so rather than wasting much time, I would cut this short and quickly jump over on finding true love. I already told you, if you have not yet understood the same, then read below where I would stay in a layman language and an easier version of the technical jargon used above.


Read this carefully to understand how you can find your true love, so here is the secret, when you are searching for true love, then do not search or look for true love and try to understand whether your partner is sending you those true love vibes or not, rather look for intimacy, passion and commitment from your partner towards you and you towards your partner.


So what you need to understand is whether your partner is committed to you or not. Whether your partner has a passion for you or not. And whether your partner has intimacy towards you or not. In general, you should understand whether your partner is physically and emotionally attracted towards you or not in all circumstances. If your answer is YES, then there you are with your TRUE LOVE. If, for any reason, your answer is NO, then you should bring an end to your relationship and mingle with someone else in whom you find all the above qualities. Well, before I end just a point when you look for the above major points in your partner to understand whether the person is your true love or not, do remember to check the same in you for your partner, for a YES or a NO should be both sided not a one-hand game.


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